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To the Haverhill Community,

We bring you good news about news: at long last, Haverhill can again have the kind of timely and comprehensive community-focused reporting that our city needs and deserves – if we really want it.

Haverhill has the good fortune to have been selected as the pilot city for a new approach to community news:  a co-op publishing company owned not by distant investors but by hundreds of local people like us, whose motivation is to better our community. It will produce a Web publication called Haverhill Matters, free for all to read and different in character from most journalism today:

  • With deep community roots, it will cover the news in ways that are in accord with our needs.
  • It will welcome co-op members’ collaboration and offer easy ways for members to join others to work for constructive community change.
  • In a culture awash in unreliable information, it promises to be worthy of your trust:  Local co-op ownership ensures that the professional staff will be accountable to the people of our community.

Here’s where the “if we really want it” part comes in:  For Haverhill Matters to happen, hundreds of us must first step up to become member/owners of the co-op.

As leaders of institutions devoted to Haverhill’s well being, we can’t imagine letting this opportunity get away.  So we’ve committed not only to becoming founding members but also to serving as the co-op’s Board of Directors. This letter is our public pledge to do all we can to promote membership, to raise money, and to gather other needed resources.

Please join us in pledging to become a member! Membership gives you an ownership stake and a vote in governing an institution whose mission is to ensure the community-focused daily reporting that Haverhill needs and deserves. Filling out the secure Web membership form should take you less than a minute – and no money is due until we reach a critical mass of pledges. 

Act now to make Haverhill Matters happen sooner – and invite Haverhill people you know to read this letter and join this important effort.

Thanks for your interest, and please spread the word! Click here to learn more.

The Haverhill Matters Board of Directors:

Heidi Blanchet
Keith Boucher

John Cuneo
Mike LaBonte
Frank Novak
Fran Poirier
Mike Valvo

The Board is assisted and advised by Tom Stites of the Banyan Project, without whom Haverhill Matters would not exist.

Community Leaders talk about Haverhill Matters

Watch community leaders talk about how Haverhill Matters can impact the community, and the world!

The Connection Between Local News and Voting

Citing the Pew Research Center and the Knight Foundation, in Civic Engagement Tied to Local News Consumption, Pew Survey Finds, Lauren Karch examines the relationship between local news consumption and voting. Finding from a Pew report that civically-engaged residents used the most diverse set of local media, had more conversations about local news with other residents, and got more of their news online, Karch seems to be describing some of priciples driving our own local online news co-op, Haverhill Matters.

First Haverhill Matters Annual Meeting

The first Haverhill Matters Annual Meeting will be held Monday evening, November 21, 2016, time and place to be determined. The annual report will be presented and the first full Board of Directors will be elected. Pledged founding members of Haverhill Matters have voting rights. Those interested in joining the Board of Directors may nominate themselves for a board position, if not already nominated by the Nominating Committee. The slate chosen by the Nominating Committee will be announced at least 30 days ahead of the annual meeting.

Help Choose the Haverhill Matters Board Members

Haverhill Matters is required to form a Nominating Committee each year, whose one-time job is to find candidates for the Haverhill Matters Board of Directors. So far there are two Nominating Committee members, and two more are needed. This year we are asking the committee to submit a slate of names by August 15. The Haverhill Matters board will provide the committee access to our database of supporters. Your help is needed.

Neighborhoods Matter

Map of Haverhill neighborhoods

While Haverhill Matters is committed to full scale, responsible journalism for the whole community, there is an extra emphasis on neighborhoods. That made Team Haverhill's Possible Dreams event, with a neighborhood theme this year, a great opportunity for Haverhill Matters to offer neighborhood organizations access to calendar and collaboration tools for keeping neighbors informed, when those tools are ready.

Haverhill Matters Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc.

Articles of Organization for the Haverhill Matters Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc.

It's official: we are incorporated as Haverhill Matters Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc. Next up: funding our first hire.


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