The Connection Between Local News and Voting

Citing the Pew Research Center and the Knight Foundation, in Civic Engagement Tied to Local News Consumption, Pew Survey Finds, Lauren Karch examines the relationship between local news consumption and voting. Finding from a Pew report that civically-engaged residents used the most diverse set of local media, had more conversations about local news with other residents, and got more of their news online, Karch seems to be describing some of priciples driving our own local online news co-op, Haverhill Matters.

Neighborhoods Matter

While Haverhill Matters is committed to full scale, responsible journalism for the whole community, there is an extra emphasis on neighborhoods. That made Team Haverhill's Possible Dreams event, with a neighborhood theme this year, a great opportunity for Haverhill Matters to offer neighborhood organizations access to calendar and collaboration tools for keeping neighbors informed, when those tools are ready.

Haverhill Farmers’ Market

To show their support for Haverhill Matters people at the Haverhill Farmers' Market wrote what Haverhill Matters means to them on hand-held signs and posed for photos, now showing in our Supporters photo gallery.

Co-ops in Sixty Seconds

Here’s a video that, in just one minute, explains cooperatives — and helps show why Haverhill Matters is organizing itself as a news co-op that will be owned by readers.

Media Deserts: Haverhill is Not Alone

Haverhill is not alone! In StreetFight Magazine Tom Grubisich writes about media deserts on a national scale.

Haverhill Matters in Fast Company

In the Fast Company article Kickstarter Bets On Bringing The Slow Europe Model Of Journalism To The U.S., Gary Jeanfaivre writes about the future of the local news business, featuring Deca and the Banyan Project.

Looking for Members in Every Neighborhood

Imagine a map of Haverhill that shows the city’s 13 neighborhoods. Imagine hundreds of pins sticking in it, one suggesting the address of each member of Haverhill Matters — on both sides of the river, downtown and in suburban developments.

Haverhill Matters at TEDx Lowell

At the very first TEDx Lowell event, Haverhill mattered. Journalist and Northeastern professor Dan Kennedy's TEDx talk "Telling the local story" gave the attentive audience an insightful view into the state of the news and what is being tried to address the woes of the news industry. The talk drew partly from Kennedy's book" The Wired City", and like the book, it ended with a discussion of Haverhill Matters, the novel local, online news cooperative starting up in Haverhill, Massachusetts.


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