The Connection Between Local News and Voting

Citing the Pew Research Center and the Knight Foundation, in Civic Engagement Tied to Local News Consumption, Pew Survey Finds, Lauren Karch examines the relationship between local news consumption and voting. Finding from a Pew report that civically-engaged residents used the most diverse set of local media, had more conversations about local news with other residents, and got more of their news online, Karch seems to be describing some of priciples driving our own local online news co-op, Haverhill Matters.

First Haverhill Matters Annual Meeting

The first Haverhill Matters Annual Meeting will be held Monday evening, November 21, 2016, time and place to be determined. The annual report will be presented and the first full Board of Directors will be elected. Pledged founding members of Haverhill Matters have voting rights. Those interested in joining the Board of Directors may nominate themselves for a board position, if not already nominated by the Nominating Committee. The slate chosen by the Nominating Committee will be announced at least 30 days ahead of the annual meeting.

Help Choose the Haverhill Matters Board Members

Haverhill Matters is required to form a Nominating Committee each year, whose one-time job is to find candidates for the Haverhill Matters Board of Directors. So far there are two Nominating Committee members, and two more are needed. This year we are asking the committee to submit a slate of names by August 15. The Haverhill Matters board will provide the committee access to our database of supporters. Your help is needed.

Neighborhoods Matter

While Haverhill Matters is committed to full scale, responsible journalism for the whole community, there is an extra emphasis on neighborhoods. That made Team Haverhill's Possible Dreams event, with a neighborhood theme this year, a great opportunity for Haverhill Matters to offer neighborhood organizations access to calendar and collaboration tools for keeping neighbors informed, when those tools are ready.

Haverhill Matters Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc.

It's official: we are incorporated as Haverhill Matters Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc. Next up: funding our first hire.

Haverhill Matters: Pressing On

Wow, things are happening faster than ever at Haverhill Matters! Here is what you need to know.

Haverhill Farmers’ Market

To show their support for Haverhill Matters people at the Haverhill Farmers' Market wrote what Haverhill Matters means to them on hand-held signs and posed for photos, now showing in our Supporters photo gallery.

Brunch Finds Engaged Supporters

Seventeen hungry people devoured the eggs, fruit and bagels at Sunday’s Haverhill Matters brunch — and they gobbled up the idea of a new co-op Web news site that will bring our city the reliable, robust and timely news and information that it so needs. The conversation was spirited, even passionate.

50 Founding Members - a Haverhill Matters Milestone

Haverhill Matters attended Team Haverhill's 2015 Possible Dreams event, and our 50th founding member joined on the spot. People brought so many wonderful ideas and worthwhile projects to the event, and they all had one thing in common: they were all looking for a way to get the word out. Haverhill certainly has more things going on than it has ways for people to find out about them We were honored to have the community respond so enthusistically to the idea that Haverhill Matters is here to become how Hillies stay in touch at the local level.

Co-ops in Sixty Seconds

Here’s a video that, in just one minute, explains cooperatives — and helps show why Haverhill Matters is organizing itself as a news co-op that will be owned by readers.


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