Brunch Finds Engaged Supporters

Brunch Matters!

Seventeen hungry people devoured the eggs, fruit and bagels at Sunday’s Haverhill Matters brunch — and they gobbled up the idea of a new co-op Web news site that will bring our city the reliable, robust and timely news and information that it so needs.  The conversation was spirited, even passionate.

The easy way to learn more is to watch this short video — which we showed at the brunch; in it, founding members tell what Haverhill Matters means to them and what they think it will mean to the city.  For more, people tell us our FAQs are amazingly clear, and if you want a short narrative description, just browse the website.

After the brunch the number of founding members jumped to 55!  To be No. 56, filling out the enrollment form takes less than a minute!

You can become a Haverhill Matters founding member by filling in the online form.


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