Haverhill Farmers’ Market

The motto of the Haverhill Farmers' Market is "Seller Made, Seller Grown". On the 2015 opening day, Saturday June 27, the Haverhill Matters booth was a great fit for the market. The community as a whole is growing its own local news and information cooperative. Once launched, commuinty members and professional journalists will be "harvesting" the news.

To show their support for Haverhill Matters people wrote what Haverhill Matters means to them on hand-held signs and posed for photos, now showing in the Supporters photo gallery. The gallery page invites community members to send in their own photos with a hand-held printable sign.

Three new Founding Members took the pledge at the booth, bringing the total to 68. The next phase for Haverhill Matters will be the hiring of the first employee, when the 100th founding member takes the pledge.

The Haverhill Farmers' Market will be open every Saturday morning from 9am to 1pm, until the end of October.


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