Neighborhoods Matter

While Haverhill Matters is committed to full scale, responsible journalism for the whole community, there is an extra emphasis on neighborhoods. That made Team Haverhill's Possible Dreams event, with a neighborhood theme this year,  a great opportunity for Haverhill Matters to offer neighborhood organizations access to calendar and collaboration tools for keeping neighbors informed, when those tools are ready.

But how is Haverhill divided into neighborhoods?

The History of Haverhill, Massachusetts, from its first settlement, in 1640, to the year 1860, by George Wingate Chase, shows an 1861 map of the Town of Haverhill. In this map Haverhill is not yet a city, and it does not yet include Bradford. The town is divided into four parishes: First Parish (downtown), West Parish, North Parish, and East Parish.

Today, the City of Haverhill includes Bradford and is subdivided by the Haverhill Police Department into 23 neighborhoods. Only West Parish and East Parish are carried over into the new map.

At Possible Dreams, Haverhill Matters handed out maps depicting the city division of neighborhoods. However, some attendees whose name tags included the names of their neighborhoods used neighborhood names like "Urban Kindness" not found on the map. There may be more work to be done, to keep Haverhill's evolving map up to date.


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