Founding Membership Pledge

Do you want to be a founding member of the Haverhill Matters co-op and support its effort to bring robust and reliable community journalism back to our home town? Make the pledge to support Haverhill Matters below.

This is my pledge to pay $250 for my membership share, once pledges totaling $25,000 have been gathered.  If this goal is never reached, I will owe nothing.

Paying the $250 will make me a founding member, entitling me to equity in the co-op equal to my payment, a vote in the co-op’s annual meeting, and a share of profits in years when there’s a profit.

Haverhill Matters’s mission is fulfilling the community’s news and information needs including a comprehensive community events calendar and delivering quality journalism at a fair price; profit is not its primary motive.  As is the case with co-ops generally, Haverhill Matters will be governed on a one-member/one-vote basis.

After the first year, members will pay an annual fee of $36/individual or $60/household for full access to the Haverhill Matters website, and for other benefits the co-op may establish.

Take the pledge!

Required for US and Canada residents